Get It Straight: Visit Bingo Tire for Wheel Alignment

The alignment of your car’s wheels can get knocked out of normal operating position slowly over time or more quickly, especially if you tend to drive on bumpier roads. When they do fall out of place, reach out to your local Bingo Tire Center for information about our auto alignment services.

The Importance of Car Wheel Alignment

The need for wheel alignment isn’t often an emergency — but it should be dealt with sooner rather than later, or on a routine basis. Why? Because wheel alignments in Virginia done by the technicians at Bingo Tire can:

Increase the Life of Tires - Did you just purchase tires from a Bingo Tire location? Do all you can to make them last as long as possible through regular wheel alignments. Ignoring wheel alignment can cause tires to degrade more quickly due to an improper balance, which wears tread.

Improve Gas Mileage - Cars face resistance from multiple forces while on the road. The more “out of alignment” the wheels on your vehicle are, the harder your engine has to work to move the car. The harder the engine works, the more fuel you burn. At prices well over $3.00 a gallon, you can’t afford to use more gas than you need!

Boost Overall Performance - Like the engine, other parts in your car have to compensate for the lack of wheel alignment. Reduce the stress and strain on your car as a whole, and allow for a smoother ride, contact Bingo Tire today!

Bingo Tire is Right Around the Corner! Bingo Tire has numerous locations throughout Virginia to serve you — we look forward to seeing you in one of our automotive centers!


Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems use sensors on the inside tire assembly to transmit tire pressure information to your vehicle’s computer.

Indirect TPMS
Efficient Service

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